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REVIEW: Third Person

A stellar ensemble cast stars in  this 2-plus hour  brutal look at  flawed love – both romantic love and  parent-child love , filmed in  New York, Paris and Rome. 

Olivia Wilde  has never been better, showcasing her dramatic chops as the younger erratic lover of a Pulitzer Prize winning blocked novelist, Liam Neeson.  And she also showcases her body- the full monty . Not once- but twice.

Oscar winner Adrian Brody falls for a gypsy (played by Israeli actress Moran Atias) who may or may not be conning him- the irony being  he’s a con artist of sorts himself, stealing fashion designs.

Mila Kunis is stunning as a young mom fighting ex-hubby and famous New York artist James Franco for custody of their  young son.

Maria Bello and Kim Basinger have smaller but pivotal roles.  Bello, especially, is sensational.

What gets in the way of a biting script and intriguing interlinking, storyline (children being  at the heart of all)  is director/writer Paul Haggis’s artsiness.  It’s as if he throws in things just to mess with your head.  But the monkey wrenches  he throws in take you right out of the movie, in WTF moments . They make no sense  at all.  Pay close, close attention because  subtle clues are thrown  in from time to time which  not only piece the 3  stories together but answer  begging questions.

This is a bold movie- a movie  definitely for adults. 

3 stars





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